Katy's heartbreaking message: 'I have lived in a kennel for 2,326 days'

Abandoned dog's Facebook adoption appeal goes viral

Story Of Dog Who Hasn't Been Adopted For 6 Years Goes Viral
There are dogs all over the world in need of homes, and thanks to social media, shelters are now better able to get the word out about them.

The heartbreaking story of one such dog has now rapidly spread across Facebook.

A photo of Katy, an eight-year old American Staffordshire mix, was posted on Facebook by animal shelter The Gentle Barn of Southern California in a bid to find her a home. The appeal has now gone viral.

In the photo, Katy is standing next to a sign, which reads: "Six years ago, my family left me tied to a tree in front of a vet's office. They never returned. I have lived in a kennel for 2,326 days. I need a forever home! Will you adopt me? Please help me reach 100 shares. Love, Katy."

Gentle Barn said in their post: "She is a cuddle-bunny who craves human attention. Katy loves to go on leash walks and does fine in the car!"

People as far away as Brazil have shared Katy's story on Facebook. Katy wanted 100 shares - she has now got almost 25,000.

Pet foundation takes up her story

The Gentle Barn encourages those interested in adopting Katy to contact The Fuzzy Pet Foundation, in Santa Monica, California, saying: "To adopt, e-mail The Fuzzy Pet Foundation info@TFPF.org or Please share!!!!!"

The foundation also shared the story on its Facebook page on Tuesday.

Social media can be a literal lifesaver for dogs like Katy. Back in April a New York shelter uploaded a photo of a dog named Chester, who had been waiting five years for a family. Within 24 hours Chester had found a new home.

Let's hope this doggy tale has an equally happy ending.

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