Cheap fancy dress ideas for adults

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While it's perfectly possible to go out and hire an awesome fancy dress outfit, you'll get far more satisfaction and kudos if you put your own together instead. We've come up with a few ideas that won't cost you an arm and a leg...

Topical AND easy – what more could you ask for? Get the look of the characters from the kids' movie of the summer by wearing a yellow hoody (you know what shade) and a pair of denim dungarees (eBay is your friend for cheapness). Then add some comedy oversized glasses (lenses optional) and if you have the patience you could attach black pipecleaners to the top of your hood as "hair". Team up with a couple of pals to increase the comedy effect, modelling yourselves on the hapless trio from the film.

Katniss Everdeen
Jennifer Lawrence's popular heroine from The Hunger Games movie franchise is a surprisingly easy look to pull off – especially if you already have long, dark-ish hair. Get your hair done in a plait, but leave a bit loose each side at the front. Find a brown leather jacket and team it up with some similarly earth-hued trousers and top. Borrow or make yourself a bow, quiver and arrows – we suggest a Pringles tube for the quiver with a bit of rope or strapping.

No, not Spider Man – that would be really difficult to make at home. Instead just wear tight black clothes and stuff two pairs of old, black tights with tissue paper or toilet roll to bulk them out into four extra "legs". These can be attached to your body with thread or a suitably dark string, either sewn onto your back or tied on with a makeshift harness. Wear black gloves and a black wooly hat and you're ready to start catching flies.

Nicki Minaj
The always-colourful rapper and singer might be a lady of a thousand looks, but fortunately they're all immediately identifiable as being hers – and this makes her a brilliant choice for fancy dress. Get yourself a pink or silver wig with a square fringe, grab your most lurid and tight-fitting clothes and (unless you're already very chesty) stick a couple of balloons up your top. If you've already got a pet anaconda then take that too, but we reckon people will still know who you are without one.

Han Solo
With Star Wars coming back this year Harrison Ford's iconic sci-fi character looks set to steal the show all over again – and his signature look is easy to achieve as well as being instantly recognisable. If you've already got a black waistcoat that's great (are you a snooker player?), otherwise hit your local charity shops for a rummage and pick up a cheap black suit jacket to cut off the arms if you need to.
Team this with dark trousers and a tight white shirt (top three buttons undone) and you're almost there. You just need a black "blaster" pistol – which should only set you back a couple of quid at the supermarket or toy shop - or indeed on eBay. If you've got a wookiee companion, that's great – but the costume might be a bit tougher for that if not.

Rubik's Cube
Grab yourself a big cardboard box, a selection of primary coloured sheets of paper and a roll of wide, dark tape. Cut a head hole and two more for your arms, allowing enough room to hold a drink and move it to your mouth obviously. Leave the bottom fully open so you have room to move your legs as required and then measure the size "tiles" you will need to complete a 3x3 grid of colours on each side of your cube. Balance these in place and secure with the wide tape – and you've cracked it!

Have you created a great fancy dress costume? Leave a comment below...

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