Life without limbs: Zuly's extraordinary story

Woman born with rare genetic condition now inspiring thousands

Life Without Limbs: Zuly Sanguino's Extraordinary Story
For Zuly Sanguino life without limbs has proved no barrier to success.

Zuly, from Bogota, Colombia, endured horrific bullying at school over her disability and was later raped - leading her to the brink of suicide.

But the 25-year-old overcame all her obstacles and not only lives a normal life with minimal nursing care, but earns a living as an inspirational speaker.

Zuly said: "I don't have any arms or legs, but I won't let that hold me back. Growing up was hard and I was bullied at school. I was called an alien and it really hurt me.

"I went through some dark times and even contemplated suicide. But my friends and family pulled me through and now I give motivational talks at businesses, prisons and schools.

"I speak to children who are bullied, or have disabilities, to show them having physical or mental limitations doesn't have to hold you back."

Tetra-amelia syndrome

Zuly was born with Tetra-amelia syndrome, an extremely rare genetic condition that results in the limbs not developing properly in the womb. Her three brothers and two sisters are unaffected by the condition.

Zuly added: "At first people would carry me everywhere or I'd roll, but eventually I managed to stand up on my own and tried to walk by propping myself up with my stumps.

"Mum taught me to do basic things like making the bed, brushing my teeth and changing clothes, using my mouth and stumps to grip things."

As for the future, Zuly hopes to take her motivational speaking abroad and open an orphanage, reports the Daily Mirror.