'I'm starving to death and I can't help it'

From Modeling to Intensive Care: 'I'm Starving to Death & I Can't Help It'
In 2013, Lisa Brown was diagnosed with SMAS or Superior Mesenteric Artery Syndrome, a rare digestive disorder where the small intestine is pinched, blocking food from getting through.

Because of the seriousness of her condition, Lisa, 32, is hooked up to a feeding device 20 hours a day, which pumps 2,000 calories into her body. She now weighs 90 lbs (6.4 stones).

Lisa's health began to decline soon after her wedding in May 2010. She was around 140 lbs (10 stone) at the time, but soon after couldn't keep food down, and her clothes started becoming loose around her 5'10" frame.

In December 2013, two years after she first became sick, Lisa was diagnosed with SMA syndrome by specialists in Milwaukee, reports People Magazine.

Lisa went on to have corrective surgery in February 2014, which seemed to get her back on track. But her symptoms came back.

Fresh hope

As Lisa's weight continued to drop, she became more determined to find an answer. She created a video about her story and posted it on YouTube.

Her mother then sent the video and a story a local news outlet did on Lisa to specialists at the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio, who are experts on SMA syndrome.

At the clinic, Lisa met with specialists who confirmed that while she does have SMA syndrome, something else was wrong. He soon diagnosed her with gastroparesis in addition to SMA syndrome.

On June 3 this year, after three and a half weeks at the hospital, Lisa went home 6 lbs heavier than when she arrived – and with hope that results from a SmartPill, which measures acid-base changes as it passes through her, would be able to lead to more answers.

Lisa is now anxious to move forward with her treatment and get back to her happy life with her husband.
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