Foods that help protect your skin from the sun

Stay healthy this summer

Foods That Help Protect Your Skin From the Sun
Did you know that some foods can help protect your skin from the sun? And that doesn't mean standing under a giant marrow.

In fact, there are few types of food that will do your skin wonders when soaking up those rays this summer.

First, and as it's Wimbledon right now, go for strawberries. The fruit, consumed in their thousands at the All England Club, are full of vitamin C and their anti-oxidants will help eliminate free radicals that can be created with sun exposure.

If you don't like strawberries, carrots and sweet potatoes also have anti-oxidant properties.

Water melon and tomatoes also perform a similar function as they are high in Lycopene, currently the most powerful antioxidant which has been measured in food and is thought to play a role in preventing cancer.

Fish good for the skin

Fish is also good for protecting your skin against sun exposure. Red snapper and salmon, in particular, both contain Omega 3 fatty acids. These help eliminate free radicals and they better your overall skin tone.

Mackerel is also not only tasty, but full of natural oils that can help reduce your skin drying out in the heat.

Not especially summery, but a good broth or soup made using animal bones in the stock is also a good source of skin protection. The bones contain collagen and gelatine which promote healthy, strong skin.

But just because you are eating these foods doesn't mean you can wear less sun tan lotion. Keep wearing protection and enjoy your food and the sunny weather.