Sizzling barbecue recipes

Group of friends making barbeque in the backyard
Group of friends making barbeque in the backyard

Something magical happens when you cook food on a barbecue. It might be the quick cooking times, or perhaps the fresh air gives you an appetite, but there's nothing like hot food straight off an outdoor grill.

Make summer sizzle with some timeless classic hamburgers, tasty grilled chicken or meltingly tender lamb.

Beef and hamburgers
Need something that will please the burger fans but with a twist? With north African spices and fresh herbs, these meatball kebabs can be made in any size to suit all members of the family. Kids might also enjoy the pancetta hot dogs.

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A barbecue isn't a barbecue without some juicy grilled chicken, and these chicken and mozzarella skewers make the most of inexpensive but very tasty chicken thighs.

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Lamb responds to hot coals like no other meat, bringing back memories of holidays on the Mediterranean. These minted lamb kebabs will put a smile on the face of anyone who's ever eaten kofte. A quick sauce made from chopped fresh mint swirled into natural yogurt or a chilli sauce would be the perfect accompaniment. Serve in pitta bread and you won't need to bother with plates.

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Fish and seafood cook very quickly so lend themselves well to a family feast in the garden as you won't be slaving over a hot grill for long. Try these monkfish and prawn kebabs for an outdoor supper to remember.

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Prawn kebabs
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Lime and coriander sea bass
Scallops wrapped in Parma ham

Meat-free options:
Roast vegetable and herb couscous
Charred leek salad with hazelnuts
Roasted sweet potato salad

Salads and sides
Mediterranean classics such as panzanella and middle eastern bread salad will help feed a large group and benefit from being made in advance, freeing you up to watch the grill and grab a cold drink.

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