Doctors find 50-year-old foetus inside woman

X-ray on pensioner, 92, reveals shocking discovery

Doctors Find 50-Year-Old Fetus Inside Woman

A 92-year-old woman went to hospital after she had a nasty fall and ended up getting the shock of her life.

When doctors performed an X-ray on her to assess her injuries, they discovered she had a decades-old foetus inside her.

The woman from Chile went to the hospital in the city of San Antonio. Doctors there were astonished to discover the foetus, which weighed around 4.4lb (2kg).

The unborn child, which had calcified in her body, is a phenomenon known as a 'lithopedion', or stone baby. This is where an unborn child develops outside the womb and becomes calcified.

There are fewer than 300 cases of lithopedions reported in medical literature. Marco Vargas Lazo, the director of the hospital, called the case "extraordinarily rare."

The foetus was "large and developed and occupied all of her abdominal cavity", he said.

However given the woman's age, doctors ruled it would be too risky to carry out an operation to remove the foetus. She was therefore sent home without treatment, reports the Daily Mail.

'Pregnant 44 years ago'

The case comes after doctors in Brazil last year discovered a 44-year-old foetus inside the body of an 84-year-old Brazilian woman.

They made the remarkable discovery after the pensioner was admitted to hospital in Natividade, Tocantins state, suffering from severe stomach pains and dizziness.

Medics who X-rayed the senior citizen's stomach were astonished to see the 20 to 28-week-old 'stone baby' inside. The woman told doctors that she became pregnant 44 years ago.