Tips to look 10 years younger

9 Tips to Look 10 Years Younger

Your skin and hair are tell tale signs of your age. But with these tips and tricks, you'll be knocking off those years in no time.

From getting dewy, younger looking skin to glossy, healthier looking hair, start using these tips to look younger.

First tip is to luminize. With a luminize moisturising cream your skin will look more luminous and its tone more even. Apply to the bridge of your nose and to the top of your cheek bones.

Always choose brown over black for your eye make-up. Black makes your eyes look smaller. And avoid harsh lines with your eye make-up; soften the arch of your brow to prevent them looking cartoonish as you age.

Always fill your brows in with a colour that's lighter than your hair. If you have light hair, try using a tinted brow gel.

For blush, use cream over powder. Creams blend seamlessly and settle in to the skin. Avoid gels as they are difficult to blend in to more mature skin.

Say no to sparkle! They accentuate fine lines. Instead go for a satin, matte or dewy finish.

Keeps those locks looking young too

For your hair, always go lighter. The darker your hair, the harsher it looks against your skin and will highlight wrinkles. Going lighter will soften your face.

Go warmer. If you get warm highlights around your face, like honey and golden tones, it will soften the appearance of any lines. But the easiest way to make your hair look younger is to get a salon gloss.

And, finally, get your roots touched up every month, especially if you have any grey hairs.
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