Woman rescues kitten after bizarre hawk attack

Cat gets in a flap

Woman Rescues Kitten After Bizarre Hawk Attack

Riverside County Animal Services in California has shared an unusual incident on its Facebook page in which a hawk took off with a 5-week-old kitten.

Of all the things you worry about with your pets, a hawk attack is probably not on top of your list! And this little bundle of fur would have definitely used up one if its nine lives.

Jurupa Valley resident Lindsey Gage and her 6-year-old daughter were off out to go grocery shopping when she saw the large hawk take off from a neighbour's basketball hoop with something white and furry in its sharp talons.

But the clumsy bird didn't get far before the kitten slipped from its grip and fell to the ground below.

With the help of another neighbour, she rushed over and scooped up the stricken, but lucky kitty before the hawk could come back to reclaim its prey.

Gage brought the kitten to Western Riverside County/City Animal Shelter in Jurupa Valley, where the cat was treated for a bloody but non-life-threatening chest wound.

In light of the incident, Riverside Animal Services also reminded pet owners on its Facebook page that besides hawks, coyotes can also attack their pets.