Why you're not losing weight

Diet and exercise not working?

Why You're Not Losing Weight

Are you on the latest diet that swears you'll lose weight and be 'beach body ready'?

Maybe you exercise too. Or maybe you do both - but somehow those extra few stubborn pounds just won't play ball.

Well, here's some facts that might help you hit your target weight.

If your body doesn't have enough of the right foods, it will take energy from your muscles - and that will slow your metabolism. This means that your body processes food slower, meaning that it will cling on to fat more easily.

So, if you do go to the gym, make sure you don't pound the treadmill on an empty stomach.

Also, make sure you aren't eating more calories than you're burning. If you aren't exercising enough, your body turns carbs into fat. On rest days it is therefore a good idea to stick to low-carb foods.

Pounding the road doing a ton of cardio work won't give you the toned muscles you crave either. You should add a lifting weight regimen if you want to increase muscle mass.

More muscle mass equals a higher metabolic rate which in turn increases the amount of calories you'll naturally burn.

Another great tip is to do exercises that require full-body movements such as pull-ups or squats.

Luckily, though, long workouts aren't necessarily better. Workouts with varied intervals will help you get lean and see improvements. Doing the same old routine can lead to a plateau, so it's beneficial to change it up and add some variety.

Finally, sleep is important. Lack of it can lead to an imbalance in hormones and stress levels which, yes, you've guessed it, can affect your weight.