Study shows less sleep makes you look older

Study Shows Impact of Sleep in Aging Skin

Sleep deprivation doesn't just hinder our ability to focus at work and put us at higher risk of anxiety and depression, it also affects our appearance.

New research reveals women who have under the recommended seven to eight hours of sleep per night are likely to have more wrinkles, spots and open pores than they would if they hit the hay early.

A group of 30 women across the UK - including supermodel Jodie Kidd - had their photos taken and their skin analysed following a night of sleeping for the recommended eight hours as part an experiment conducted by Bensons for Beds.

Participants were then asked to sleep for just six hours for the next five nights, before having tests carried out again, reports the Huffington Post.

On average, participants' fine lines and wrinkles increased in number by a 45% after they'd skipped sleep. Spots also increased by 13% in number and by 7% in visibility, while red areas on the skin increased by 8% and became 5% more visible.

'As a busy working mother, it is quite common that I don't get the recommended seven to eight hours sleep per night,' Kidd commented after seeing her photos.

'I have never really thought about how this might affect my skin as I have so many other priorities at the moment.'

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