How to stop 'stress eating'

Pressures of life could be making you gain weight

How to Stop Stress Eating

Are you one of those people that often feels the need to reach for a quick, usually less than healthy snack? Well, it could be stress that's making your waistline expand.

Doctor Elizabeth Lombardo, psychologist and author of 'A Happy You' is here to help you stop 'stress eating'.

She says there are two ways in which stress affects our weight: biologically and behaviourally. She claims that stress triggers a 'stress hormone' which causes us to retain more fat cells and bigger fat cells.

Also, when we are stressed out we usually want to eat comfort foods which often contain a high level of fat. These factors combined mean snacking on a cookie for example can be a recipe for weight gain.

Getting enough sleep is also key to keeping our weight down, she says. When we sleep we can better digest food, but also without regular sleep we feel tired so the body craves more food for energy.

So, besides getting enough sleep, what can we do to make sure we don't start snacking on comfort foods? Well, make sure to eat regular meals and not consume food on the go. Also, exercise is a good way of releasing tension, says Dr Lombardo.

Exercise helps to release feel-good hormones which is what we are craving when we snack on sweet foods like chocolate.

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