Baby chimp rejected by her mother given new hope

Adorable Keeva matched with a surrogate

Baby Chimp Rejected By Birth Mother Gets Matched With A Surrogate

A baby chimp that was rejected by her birth mother has been matched with a promising surrogate candidate.

Two-month old Keeva was recently transferred from the Baltimore zoo where she was born to the Florida zoo of her intended new mum.

Personnel at the Maryland zoo in Baltimore said the decision to separate the chimp from its mother was a tough one, but it soon became apparent that the mother wasn't up to the task. She showed little interest in the offspring and was not making much of an effort to nurse her.

As well as taking over responsibility of rearing Keeva, the zoo also began looking for a suitable new mum. They eventually found a 32-year-old chimp named Abby at Lowry Park Zoo in Tampa who has been a successful surrogate in the past.

The new mother and daughter have yet to physically interact as the process of introducing new chimps in to a new social circle is complex. But when Keeva is around five to six months old, they will introduce the pair to each other - with fingers crossed they hit it off!

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