Best exercises for a toned behind

Three beautiful young women doing some squats and exercising at a gym

Want a slim and toned behind? A combination of intense cardiovascular exercise to burn fat and targeted toning exercises will get results fast.

Squats and lunges
Squats and lunges are the best ways to tone up your lower body. Try squat holds. Adopt a low squat position and lean your back against the wall. Hold for one minute, then stand and rest for 30 seconds, then repeat 10 more times. Aim to do this 10 times every day.

Weighted squats and lunges
Weighted squats and walking weighted lunges are great for targeting the buttocks, thighs and inner leg fat. Kettle bell weights are a good choice. Because you are just holding them and not swinging them, opt for a heavier weight than you would normally lift.

Squat with bar
Squats holding a 15 to 20-pound body bar across your shoulder blades is another great buttock toner. The correct posture is vital (with your feet shoulder-width apart), so ask your gym instructor for help.

Take the stairs
Taking the stairs instead of the lift will help burn calories and melt felt, as well as tone your leg muscles. Regular stair work, or using the step machine in the gym, will make a significant difference to your quadriceps, thighs and buttocks.

Cross trainer
If jogging puts too much pressure on your joints and knees, the cross trainer is a good choice. Thirty minutes on a cross trainer can burn around 300 calories. Use the arms as well as the stepper and you'll help tone the upper body while giving your legs and bum a great workout.

Wear ankle weights
You don't have to go to the gym or buy an expensive piece of equipment at home to get results. Wearing ankle weights and walking more each day (preferably with some hills or steps) can make a real difference.

Interval training
Of course, toning exercises can only achieve so much. For a shapely behind, you have to lose the excess fat too. High-intensity interval training is the best way to burn calories – and you don't need to do more than 20 minutes each day to get great results.

Flat-out effort followed by a period of rest, such as 10-second sprints followed by a five-second break, is the ideal fat-burning and toning solution.

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Workouts for Toning Your Behind