Men beat women in the regular exercise stakes

running athlete woman sprinting ...

A new survey has revealed that men are more motivated when it comes to keeping fit, and are well ahead of their female counterparts when it comes to regular exercise. According to a poll commissioned by property company CBRE, found that men are twice as likely to exercise regularly, while only one in six women has kept active since childhood.

Despite potential body image pressures from the media, it seems women, though often willing to take on the latest fad or celebrity-endorsed diet, are not so keen to do things the hard way. Three out of five ladies admitted they never took regular exercise - twice the number of couch potato chaps.

Those women that do exercise regularly clock up 48 sessions a year - equivalent to an exercise-free month - while men managed to exercise 65 times a year.

The poll follows research by Sport England, which revealed that sporty men outnumber fitness females in the UK by two million, though three-quarters of women said they would like to do more.

Ciaran Bird, managing director director of CBRE UK, principal partner of England Rugby's All Schools programme, told the Daily Mail: "Taking part in sport not only has long-term health and well-being benefits but it also develops the so-called 'soft skills' of communication, teamwork and confidence over a lifetime will boost employability.

"There is a great opportunity for business to play a role in encouraging more children, particularly girls to engage in sport."

Are you an exercise-avoiding woman? What would encourage you to get fit? Leave your comments below...
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