Travel bore Brits take same holiday each year

Young happy backpackers on top of a mountain enjoying valley view

We might dream of exotic sun, sea and sand locations for our summer holidays, but the reality is that most Brits are something of a travel bore when it comes to choosing a destination.

According to a survey by, some 57 per cent of us are stuck in a holiday rut, travelling to the same destination year after year.

But while we're lured to the same location time and time again, more than two thirds of those polled admitted to dreaming of once-in-a-lifetime getaways from seeing polar bears to trekking the wilderness. Sadly, less than 10 per cent will make it to their dream destination, with most taking the safer option.

While the UK topped the list of destinations for Brits, Spain retained its position as the favoured foreign destination with 25 per cent of the vote, followed by France, the US, Italy and Greece. We Brits are putting culture ahead of sun-worshipping these days though, with sightseeing the most popular holiday activity, followed by a taste of the local cuisine and further cultural outings.

And after years of austerity, it seems we're finally ready to spend a little extra time and money on our breaks. The average Brit is planning to get away three times this year, 30 per cent will be upping their spend, and 10 per cent are willing to splash the cash and double their holiday budget for 2015.

Reigo Eljas, trading director at, told the Daily Mail: "When it comes to travel ambitions, they seem a bit like New Year's resolutions: Good intentions, big dreams, high hopes - but in reality we don't see them through.

"We all love a lazy beach holiday and want to see the Eiffel Tower, but this year we encourage people to be spontaneous and use one of their breaks to make their travel dreams become a reality."

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