Dog owners warned over Christmas dinner treats

dog begging for food

For many Brits, their dog is part of the family and, in some cases, they share everything from our meals to our bed. But today owners are being warned over treating their pooch from the Christmas dinner table, unaware that some of that seasonal fare could lead to severe health problems for Fido.

A survey by pet food company Forthglade revealed that 61 per cent of owners will have their dog join them for Christmas lunch, with 56 per cent feeding man's best friend with potentially harmful human foods.

While chocolate is well known to be dangerous for dogs, there are other festive edibles that can also harm our canine friends. Of those polled, 71 per cent admitted their pet gets a Christmas treat of turkey with gravy, and 28 per cent dishing up some stuffing, but both can cause vomiting and diarrhoea.

One in ten owners confessed to treating their beloved dog to a mince pie, without realising that raisins and sultanas, at worst, can cause kidney failure.

The survey revealed that a sizeable 15 per cent had paid a visit to the vet over the festive season because of illness caused by feeding Fido human food.

Despite the dangers, almost half (49 per cent) insisted on indulging their pet with human food because they're seen as "part of the family", while one in five felt it was acceptable on such a "special occasion".

Speaking to the Daily Mail, Countryfile presenter Adam Henson admitted that the results of the study were "really worrying".

"Don't let your dogs anywhere near your indulgent foods at the Christmas table, however much they appear to love it," he told the paper.

"If you share food with your dog, it will not only be a hazard to their health, but it can cause behavioural issues, dominance, hyper-activity and obesity."

He added: "This Christmas, treat your dog to a healthy balanced diet - it will be the best gift you can give them."

Do you treat your dog to a Christmas dinner? Were you aware of the dangers? Leave your comments below...
Table Foods That Are Harmful To Dogs, from Andrea Arden