Simple changes could save Brits a bundle on energy bills

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Millions of Britons could save as much as £250 a year on their energy bills just by making a few, simple changes around the home, experts have claimed.

Yet according to a new poll, many of us are simple unaware of the basic measures that could save us a bundle on our bills, while others just don't believe the little things can make a big difference.

The survey of 2,000 Brits, carried out to mark the launch of Energy Saving Week, found that 24 per cent of householders are unaware that simple changes can save energy at home, and the same number wish they had more guidance on how to cut their annual fuel bills.

While more than 50 per cent of Brits are well used to the likes of energy saving light bulbs, only 40 per cent are aware that turning down the hot water thermostat cold save cash.

For 18 per cent, the cost of upgrading the boiler or forking out for insulation was deemed too expensive in the near term, despite the possible savings in the longer term.

Some 13 per cent are wasting money by leaving the boiler on when they're out in order that the house stays warm for their return, and nine per cent of those polled simply didn't believe that those little changes could save them money.

Energy firm Npower, which conducted the poll, is launching its nationwide Act of Warmness tour this week, where Brits can get warming cup of tea and receive free advice on saving energy, including old-fashioned tips such as using tea cosies and draft excluders.

Guy Esnouf, Director of External Comms at Npower, told the Daily Express: "With cold weather ahead, it's important to know small changes could have a big impact on the energy saved around the home.

"This winter we'll be spending around £65 million on people who need help most, and we're touring the nation to raise awareness of the number people can call if they need support as well as offering free energy advice."

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