Owners spend £10k a year on pampered pooches

a wet chocolate havanese puppy...

We are known as a nation of animal lovers, and it seems our passion for our pets knows no bounds, because according to a new poll, the average dog owner is only too happy to splash some serious cash on Fido.

The survey of 2,000 owners by online pet store fetch.co.uk revealed that one in 20 owners spends a whopping £10,000 a year on grooming alone, including pedicures, luxury shampoo and conditioner.

A further one in six forks out some £2,000 on making their pampered pooch look fabulous, while even the average dog owners pays £360 each year on grooming.

Little surprise then that man's best friend has got his feet firmly under the table in the family home. Of those surveyed, seven out of ten admitted to treating their dog like a child. Three-quarters of Britain's mutts are allowed to settle down on the sofa, and two-thirds of owners snuggle down for the night with their dog in bed with them.

More than 50 per cent confessed to pampering their pet at least once a week, with average spend £11.46 - and a third of owners simply couldn't bear to be parted from their pooch, and avoided going on holiday abroad as a result.

Rachel Comerford, commercial manager at Fetch, told the Daily Express: "Pets are our passion. We spend a fortune on looking good ourselves, so it's understandable we want our pets to look the part too."

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