Half of dieting women become 'food bores'

close-up of woman eating fresh saladPic: Shutterstock / YanLev

Diets, wobbly bits and weight loss have almost certainly featured in most women's conversation at some point in their lives, but a new survey has revealed that when you're in the midst of a diet regime, you're in danger of putting off pals.

A poll commissioned by The Simply Great Drinks Company revealed that 50 per cent of women turn into 'food bores' when they're on a diet, giving all and sundry details of their daily calorie count, and how much fat or sugar they have consumed.

Worse still, almost one in four admitted to lecturing friends about healthy eating, and why they should cut this or curb that in their diet.

As a result, more than one in five of the 2,000 women polled said friends had accused them of being food obsessed, while 35 per cent said they would avoid dieting pals for fear of feeling guilty about their own eating habits.

Some 41 per cent of those that had failed to escape the food lecturing confessed they had been frightened into cutting out certain foods by dieting friends.

The survey was commissioned to mark the launch of The Simply Great Drinks Company's eight-week challenge designed to help people make long-term lifestyle changes to gain or maintain a healthy weight.

As Dr Christian Jessen, who is backing the Be Simply Great campaign, told the Daily Express: "I say ditch the diets and opt for sustainable change instead - it's better for you long-term - and your new lifestyle won't take over your life and your conversations."

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