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Whether you are upgrading old or broken white goods, or investing in a brand spanking new kitchen, appliances can put a sizeable dent in your wallet. But there are ways to save money if you know where to look, so if you are in the market for a bargain, here are a few tips.

Clearance items
The big electrical stores like Currys almost always have items that are either ex-display or have some cosmetic damage. That means they are sold at reduced prices but are still of the quality you would expect from the major retailers. Take a look at Currys own clearance section online to find appliances both large and small, some with up to 45 per cent off, or visit where you can search by retailer.

Outlet stores
Outlet stores are more often associated with fashion retail, but the likes of John Lewis and Marks & Spencer are also in on the act. The former's main outlet store is in Swindon, and houses customer returns or slightly cosmetically damaged items at bargain prices. Better still, all electrical goods are guaranteed for 12 months. John Lewis also has outlets in Poole, Chester, Exeter and Croydon, but you can visit their online clearance section to see what's on offer.

Similarly M&S have a number of outlet stores, with discounts of up to 40 per cent off the retail price. Visit their website to find an outlet store near you.

Aside from its usually reasonable prices, Amazon often has hugely reduced prices on kitchen gadgets and gizmos. If you have a particular product in mind and know the specifics of the product, you'll be able to quickly see the best deals available. The site also stocks returned, refurbished or warehouse-damaged items, all of which are inspected, cleaned and repaired where necessary - check out the warehouse deals section of this enormous site to bag yourself a bargain.

You may baulk at the idea of buying a big ticket item from the auction site, but look in the right place and you can find graded electrical items that come with a guarantee. Both Graded Electricals Direct (for smaller gadgets) and Ultimate Graded Appliances sell returned or ex-display items, each of which is tested and repaired. You may find the odd blemish here and there, but all products come with a 12-month guarantee, and all the details or any damage or fault will be listed fully in each listing. Simply include 'graded' in your search and you could complete your kitchen at a fraction of the price.

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