World Cup scams to watch out for

World Cup scams to avoidPic: AFP/Getty

With the World Cup just a few days away, excitement is building amongst fans of the beautiful game. Sadly there are always some that will look to cash in by conning eager fans out of their hard-earned cash, so here are a few of the scams to watch out for.

Dodgy kit
With the official Nike England World Cup shirts selling for £90 a pop, you'd be forgiven for looking for a cheaper alternative to show your support. Fake strips have been on the market since the official kits went on sale, and while shirts will be on offer for a fraction of the price of the official variety, the poor quality will show very quickly. If you're looking to save money, consider last year's England strip.

Sponsor spammers
Internet security giant Symantec has already warned users about websites aimed at consumers out of their personal details by promising prizes. Watch out for web pages, pop-ups and texts that ask for any personal details, even if they appear to be official FIFA World Cup sponsor sites.

Mobile mistakes
The rise and rise of smartphones and tablets means footie fans all over the world will be accessing World Cup info and watching games on the go. While there is an official FIFA app that is free to download, there are others that can infect your gadgets with viruses or access your personal data.

Safe betting
The Internet has undoubtedly made betting more accessible and if you're partial to the odd flutter here and there, you may be tempted to put a wager on anything from the World Cup winners to individual match results. However, it's best to avoid sites or apps that have popped up offering betting just on the 2014 tournament and opt instead for a regulated online bookmaker.

Ticket rip-offs
Last but by no means least, if you've got the urge to hop on a plane to Brazil, do be careful about where you get your tickets. There are literally thousands of fraudulent ticket listings already online for many of the games, and given the scarcity of some, prices can reach into the thousands. Don't be fooled - is the official sales platform and is by far the safest bet.

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