A holiday on credit 'living life on the edge', say Brits

attractive young woman on the beach , paying for a cocktail with credit cardPic: Shutterstock / Trifonov Igor

Booking a holiday you can't afford by maxing our your credit card is the best example of living life 'on the edge', according to Britons.

In a clear indication that the average Brit's life is more mundane than marvellous, a getaway that put people in the red finished ahead of driving on a near-empty tank of petrol in the poll.

The survey of 2,000 people, commissioned by Pizza Hut, revealed that third on the list of 'daring' acts was jumping a red light, while buying a frivolous item with your overdraft money and crossing the road before the little green man had appeared completed the top five.

Also considered 'edgy' was enjoying a tipple at lunchtime, changing clothes without first shutting the curtains, and blatantly ignoring the directional arrows in car parks.

Further down the list, skipping through an amber light, nabbing a first class train seat with only a standard ticket, and putting the morning after to the back of the mind to enjoy a night out during the working week were also thought to be daring.

It is somewhat unsurprising, then, that more than 75 per cent of those quizzed said their life lacked excitement, and 46 per cent confessed they would love life to be more 'edgy'.

Kathryn Austin, marketing director at Pizza Hut Restaurants, said: "For some, living on the edge means being a daredevil or doing something risky like bungee jumping or sky-diving.

"But for everyone else, something as minor as making a change to their usual routine, or doing something they know they shouldn't be can be seen as 'living on the edge'."

Ms Austin added: "So while booking a holiday without actually having the means to pay for it may seem quite tame, for many Brits, the idea of putting a luxury like that on their credit card is as daring to them as a sky dive is to others."

The research was commissioned to coincide with the launch of the restaurant chain's The Edge pizza.

What acts do you consider daring in day-to-day life? Leave your comments below...
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