Five best money-saving apps

Money saving appsPic: Getty

If the recession has taught us Brits anything, it's how to save money wherever possible. Sometimes though, finding the cheapest prices or the best deals can be a tad laborious. Thankfully there's an app for that.

Bargain buys
If you're in store and just about to splash your cash, apps like Red Laser or ShopSavvy will ensure you're getting the best price. Simply scan the item's barcode with your smartphone and you can compare both online and high street prices to find the cheapest deal. With Red Laser, you can even buy it via the app and have it delivered to your home.

Voucher sense
Voucher sites are becoming increasingly popular online, and now you can use apps to take advantage of great deals without having to remember codes or bother to print them off. Vouchercloud, for example, searches for retailer and restaurant discounts while you're on the go, so you can find a bargain no matter where you are.

Energy savings
There's plenty of advice online about how and where to save money on your utility bills, but keeping track of your gas and electricity spending isn't so easy. Until now. The Meter Readings app allows you to monitor all your utility meters in one place, and provides easy-to-view graphs displaying your usage, costs and savings. Find that you're spending a little more than you'd like, and it'll even let you switch suppliers.

Fuel economy
Driving around in search of the cheapest petrol prices is all very well, but often you'll be spending more than you'd save in the hunt for the best deal. Save yourself time and money by downloading an app like Petrol Prices or What Gas, which will do the hard work for you, finding the cheapest fuel prices in the vicinity.

Free overseas
For those that just can't stop themselves for reaching for the text button while on their hols, Whatsapp solves the problem of exorbitant roaming charges. As long as you and the recipient are using wi-fi and have the app loaded, you can message to your heart's content, not to mention sending photos, video and audio for nothing, no matter where you are in the world. It's free for the first year, and while it costs 69p the following year, if you're a big traveller, it'll save you a fortune in the long run.

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