TV blamed for 'wolf breeds' in dog rescue centres

Soaring numbers of wolf breeds being abandonedPic: Getty

Not so long ago it was so-called 'handbag' dogs that were the big trend in the canine world, but now TV shows such as Twilight and Game of Thrones are thought to be behind the soaring numbers of 'wolf breeds' being abandoned in rescue centres across the UK.

Animal rescue charities are reporting a huge rise in the number of Malamutes and Husky-type breeds up for rehoming, as owners struggle to cope with such demanding dogs.

The Dogs Trust revealed it is "gravely concerned" about the three-fold rise in wolf breeds brought in its centres, and the Blue Cross reported an even greater five-fold increase in the number of Huskies and Malamutes handed in over the last five years.

It is thought many Brits are buying pups after seeing similar breeds, like the Northern Inuit dogs seen on Game of Thrones, on TV shows and movies, but are later unable to cope with what is essentially a working breed that requires high levels of exercise, training and mental stimulation.

However, the Dogs Trust also laid some of the blame on the doorsteps of unscrupulous breeders who were happy to sell the dogs to people living in flats, urban environments and those who were out at work all day.

Steve Goward, training and behavioural advisor at The Dogs Trust, told the Daily Mail: "These dogs are beautiful creatures and can make wonderful companions but they need owners who understand the demands of this breed and are in a position to offer a lifetime commitment.

"We are seeing too many of these dogs being abandoned when they become too much for their owners and rescue centres have to pick up the pieces."

Mandy Jones, head of rehoming at the Blue Cross, echoed Mr Goward's statement, saying: "We see so many animals given up because their owners did not realise how much time and effort it takes to care for them.

"Sadly, the 'have-it-now' attitude of today's consumer society seems to be the same whether you are buying a handbag or a dog."

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