Fifth of obese Brits prefer being fat to healthy lifestyle

Fifth of Brits prefer being fat to changing dietPic: Getty

A fifth of obese Britons say they would prefer to stay fat than to make a change to a healthy lifestyle, according to a new survey.

The poll of 550 seriously overweight adults, by Nuffield Health, revealed that many Brits would rather remain obese, despite all the associated health risks, than cut down on their unhealthy diet.

Of those surveyed, nearly 50 per cent said they had resigned themselves to being fat due to a lack of willpower, while one in five simply decided that they would rather be overweight than cut out all the unhealthy foods they loved. A similar number said they had never tried to lose weight.

A previous survey of 3,000 British adults revealed that more than a third believe it is too expensive to eat healthily, while one in ten said they were unaware of how to change their diet for the better.

Dr Davina Deniszczyc, Medical Director of Wellbeing at Nuffield Health, told the Daily Telegraph: "If you are struggling financially, a cut-price fast food offer might seem like the best value option, but it is disappointing to see so many people are falling for this myth.

"There is clearly a huge amount of work to be done to persuade people that the cheapest food can actually be the healthiest food."

Dr Deniszczyc warned that a generation of children and young adults growing up with the mindset would be "a tragedy", and suggested that Britons' attitudes needed to be changed in order to fight the country's obesity epidemic.

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