Don't tempt dieting friends, says health watchdog

NICE advises dieters' friends to stop tempting themPic: Getty

A national health watchdog has issued advice to those with friends looking to improve their health in 2014, urging them not to put temptation in the way.

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellent (NICE) has issued new guidance designed to help improve the nation's health by way of an improved diet, more exercise, less alcohol and no smoking.

And as well as general advice on how to make healthier lifestyle choices and stick to them, the watchdog warned friends and loved ones to support and encourage rather than tempt with cakes or an evening in the pub.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, Professor Mike Kelly, director of the Centre of Public Health at NICE, said: "You should share your goals with friends, family and work colleagues so they understand what you're trying to do.

"They also must understand it's not helpful or a joke to tempt people deliberately... It's asking people to be a bit more thoughtful, a bit more understanding of the difficulties."

While few would argue that advice aimed at improving public health is valuable, this latest guidance has come in for criticism from campaigners.

Robert Oxley of The Taxpayers' Alliance called NICE's guidance "subversive nannying", and told the Mail: "Many of us will be trying to shed a few extra pounds or cut back on the booze over the new year, but we don't need quangocrats lecturing our friends and colleagues while we do so.

"This is further evidence that NICE is both a waste of everybody's time and taxpayers' money."

What do you think? Do we need such advice from NICE, or is it a waste of money? Leave your comments below...