Swap kids' screen time for outdoor activities, say campaigners

British parents are estimated to be forking out an average of £600 on gadgets for their children this Christmas, and for many, the festive period will largely be spent in front of a computer or TV screen.

Campaigners urge parents to get kids outdoors

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That's why campaigners are urging mums and dads across the country to tempt youngsters away from the games consoles and iPads, and take their families into the great outdoors.

The Wild Network group, headed by the National Trust, is offering parents free 'Wild Time' vouchers to given to the kids as gifts this Christmas, encouraging little ones and their folks to enjoy the British countryside and all it has to offer.

The vouchers can be downloaded free from the Internet, and aim to entice kids with 700 activity ideas, including playing pooh sticks, climbing a tree, building a dam and skimming stones - outdoor fun that many parents will remember from their own childhood.

Andy Simpson, chair of the Wild Network, told the Daily Mail: "Smartphones and tablet computer sales are likely to go through the roof this Christmas and we're encouraging parents to think about swapping some of their kids everyday screen time for wild time.

"What better gift could there be than sharing those moments outdoors with children that will bring smiles to their face and create memories that will last a lifetime."

What were your favourite memories of playing outdoors as a child? Let us know below...