Organic food labels found to trick tastebuds

The idea of food grown pesticide free and without intensive farming techniques is understandably appealing to many Brits. But it seems just the word 'organic' can trick our tastebuds into telling us what we're eating tastes better.

Organic food labelling tricks us into thinking it's tastier

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According to a new study, food and drink products that carry an organic label make us believe that they're tastier than their less eco-friendly counterparts, even when the products are identical.

Researchers at the University of Gavle in Sweden asked a group of people to taste two cups of the same, ordinary coffee, but told them that one was organic. When asked which was the better, the participants agreed that the 'organic' version was nicer.

The researchers, whose study was published in the journal PLoS One, explained: "An increasingly large number of products are marked with morally-loaded labels such as Fair Trade and organically produced - labels associated with social or environmental responsibility that speak to our conscience."

The report went on: "We show that eco-labels not only promote a willingness to pay more for the product but they also appear to enhance the perceptual experience of the product's taste. Who needs cream and sugar when there is eco-labelling?"

According to the Daily Mail, four out of five British households buy organic products, despite the fact that a 2009 study by the Food Standards Agency claiming that organic food is no more healthy or nutritious than ordinary products.

What do you think? Does organic taste better, or is it all in the mind? Leave your comments below...