Average Brit takes three months to shift Xmas weight gain

The Christmas pud is maturing nicely, the turkey's on order, and Brits up and down the country will no doubt be pondering which tempting seasonal recipes to try out this year. But before you reach for another mince pie or have just one more choccie, consider this - it takes the average person three months to lose the weight they gain during the festive period.

Average Brit takes four months to lose Christmas weight

Pic: Corbis

According to a poll of 1,000 people, by diet company Forza Supplements, the average person puts on 4lbs between Christmas Eve and New Year's Day thanks to a whole week of consuming twice the recommended calorie intake.

And 34 per cent of respondents said it would take four months to shift the extra weight... just in time for Easter!

A huge majority of 94 per cent indulged in rich food and fine wine for the festive period, and though 18 per cent return to their day-to-day eating regime on 27 December, 44 per cent let themselves go throughout Christmas and New Year. For 32 per cent, the festive eating begins at the start of December.

Christmas Day itself was understandably the biggest day for overindulging, with 52 per cent eating twice the recommended calories, and just under a third consuming a gut-busting 8,530 calories in a "complete blow-out".

That left 39 per cent carrying an extra three to five pounds, 21 per cent between five and seven pounds, and, for five per cent, the festive season left them more than half a stone heavier.

Lee Smith, managing director of Forza Supplements, told the Daily Mail: "We all want to let our hair down at Christmas and enjoy ourselves. But it can take months to repair the damage if you really let yourself go."

He added: "The key to limiting your weight gain is to do simple things like eat slowly and avoid over-filling, and make sure you take some exercise."

Do you watch your weight during the festive season, or do you really let go for Christmas? Leave your comments below...