Blind taste tests reveal Brits prefer cheaper wine

Whether it's a glass of Pinot after work or a bottle of Bordeaux with dinner, British wine drinkers spend a fair few bob on their favourite tipple these days. But according to new research, we Brits have far from expensive tastes.

Brits prefer cheaper wine

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In fact, the majority of Britons prefer the taste of a cheaper bottle than a pricey wine made from the same grapes.

Research by the London Wine Academy revealed that eight out out of ten people displayed a preference for cheaper plonk, choosing the £4.99 New World wine over the £19.99 French alternative. And six out of ten believed the cheap bottle was the more expensive of the two.

The results were taken from some 20,000 vino enthusiasts who had taken part in blind taste tests over 20 years of courses at the academy.

On average, 80 per cent of the attendees preferred the taste of Aspen Hills chardonnay, a South East Australian wine, to the £19.99 Gerard Thomas Saint-Aubin Premiere Cru from France's Burgundy region.

According to the academy, amateur tasters tended to base their judgment on the 'smoothness' of a wine rather than the complexity - and since cheaper wines often have lower acidity and a simpler flavour, the less expensive bottles regularly come out on top.

Experts insist, however, that enjoying a good wine is simply a case of education. Leta Bester, founder of the London Wine Academy, told the Daily Mail: "Initially our students prefer the simplicity of less expensive wines. But as their understanding and sense of taste grow they tend to gravitate to pricier wines that display more complexity."

Do you prefer the taste of cheaper wines, or is it simply the price that entices you? Leave your comments below...