Competitive christenings: Parents splash out in a bid to impress

Kate and Wills may have decided on a relatively intimate Royal christening, but the average Brit is spending ever greater sums on lavish ceremonies for their little ones.

Brits splashing the cash on christenings

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According to a survey by, more than 25 per cent of new parents spend at least £1,000 on baby's big day, while 10 per cent confessed to spending up to £10,000 on a luxury baby bash.

And while pricey christening gowns and gifts for family and friends take their fair share of the cost, it is the reception that proves most expensive.

Of those polled, 30 per cent had spent more cash on food and drink for the party than they had originally planned, and over a third of mums and dads had gone over budget on every part of the day, with an average overspend of £500 in total.

More than a quarter now consider a flash christening bash to be more important than a small and intimate affair, and the survey revealed that a major reason for the rise of bling christenings is the desire to impress friends and family.

As a result of Brits regularly blowing their christening budgets, has launched the 'Christening Advice Bureau', aimed at advising parents on where to save money.

According to the Daily Mail, Head of Marketing Joby Russell said: "Brits are known as a nation of party-loving people, and the christening ceremony is one event that seems to be getting bigger and more lavish than ever before.

"We wanted to offer some advice to parents embarking on their preparations, and help them budget for costs they may not even consider."

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