Dog 'ghetto' fears as more parks and beaches ban pooches

British dog owners are reportedly finding it increasingly difficult to find places to walk their pets, as more and more parks, beaches and playing fields are banning pooches.

Two in five dog owners feels unwelcome in public spaces

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A survey of 2,000 owners by the Kennel Club, more than two out of five said they felt increasingly unwelcome in public spaces, and despite the dog attacks that so often hitting the headlines, some suggest it is wrong to punish all owners because of an irresponsible few.

And the KC fears banning dogs in so many areas may lead to 'ghettos', where walkers can use only designated parks to exercise their pets, as is often the case in America.

Councils are understandably using dog control orders to crack down on those who do not clean up after their dog or control their animals. According to the Daily Mail, Yorkshire's East Riding has imposed some 341 orders to ban or restrict dogs in the area.

Meanwhile in St Ives, Cornwall, three of the main beaches have banned dogs, with a further two allowing the animals onto the beach only before 8am in the summer months.

The Kennel Club has now launched an Open for Dogs campaign, which aims to reduce such restrictions and encourage businesses to welcome dogs.

Carline Kisko, Club secretary, told the Mail: "We are meant to be a nation of dog lovers but in many parts of the country it doesn't feel that way."

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