Average school bag loaded with £120-worth of tech

The days of heavy satchels loaded with weighty textbooks and last night's homework - a new study has revealed that modern-day kids are carrying an altogether more valuable bag to school.

British kids carrying £120-worth of gadgets to school

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According to the poll by the Money Advice Service, children now lug an average of £120-worth of gadgets to to school, making the nation's school bags worth almost £1 billion.

A total of 2,000 parent of children aged between six and 16 were polled for the research, and the results split between parents of those aged six to 10, and those whose children ranged from 11 to 16.

The survey found that more than 50 per cent of 11 to 16-year-olds take a smartphone to school, compared to 17 per cent of six to 10-year-olds, and 11 per cent of the older age group carry tablet computer with them, along with nine per cent of kids aged six to 10.

The total value of the electronic devices carried by kids amounted to £81 for the youngsters, and £159 for the older kids.

Despite sending their children out with such a high-tech school bag, less than a fifth of parents had sufficient insurance to cover damage, theft or less, and 19 per cent of mums and dads admitted they know the bag is sometimes left unattended in public.

Furthermore, around 50 per cent of those that do have personal possessions insurance confessed they did not fully understand their policy.

Jane Symonds, spokesperson for the Money Advice Service, told the Daily Mail: "Electronic devices are so integral to our everyday lives now. It's incredible how quickly they have become 'must-have' items - even for children as young as six years old.

"Given how attached we get to essential items such as smartphones or e-readers, it's worrying how many parents don't fully understand which valuables are covered by their insurance policies."

Do you worry about how much tech your kids are taking to school? Do you have insurance to cover any damage? Leave your comments below...