When to buy to save

Most of us save our bargain hunting for the sales seasons, with the Boxing Day and January sales proving ever popular with canny shoppers. But get your timing right and you could save a bundle on a host of different products and pricey items at other times of the year.

When to buy to save money

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Go off peak
It stands to reason that when desire is high, so too is the price. Therefore you'll get a much better deal if you buy certain seasonal items at the wrong time of year. For example, shop for barbecues and lawnmowers in mid-winter, and stock up on waterproofs and wellies during the summer months.

Month-end motors
While they don't advertise the fact, car sales people are encouraged to sell a certain number of vehicles each month by way of incentives. Hit the dealership at the end of the month and you may find they're much more willing to cut you a good deal on a motor in order to meet their quota.

End of line appliances
Appliances and white goods can cost an arm and a leg so it's worth waiting for a bargain. In general, the new models ship to stores in early autumn, September and October, and the shiny new influx means you can often get a sizeable discount on the recently outdated versions and ex-display models.

Christmas ups and downs
There's good and bad news when it comes to shopping at Christmastime. For instance, you're onto a winner if its gadgets you're after, because prices of TVs and computers drop just in time for the Christmas rush. On the other hand, jewellery stores take the sparkle out of their bargains during the season of good cheer. With a third of their annual revenue and much of their profits made in the two months leading up to Christmas, you won't find a good deal until business slows down again.

Bike bargains
Thanks to recent successes in both the Olympics and the Tour de France, cycling is currently experiencing something of a surge in popularity in Britain. Bikes can be pricey but there is a window of opportunity that might just land you a bargain. In the immediate aftermath of the New Year, there's likely to be a run on any kind of fitness equipment, but if you ride out the early January rush and hit the stores before the new models arrive in February and March, you'll find shops dropping prices to get rid of existing stock.

So do your research next time you're considering a big ticket purchase - timing could turn out to be everything.

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