Savvy homeowners cause boom in rented driveways

Cash-strapped homeowners are causing a boom in rented driveways, providing commuters across the country with a guaranteed car parking space.

Residents renting out driveways

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According to research conducted by website, some householders are boosting their income by more than £2,500 a year by letting their own driveways, with the average resident earning around £1,000 annually.

Unsurprisingly, London, where homeowners make an average of £2,040, proved the most lucrative city in the UK, with those in the affluent Kensington and Chelsea charging £2,517 for their sought after spots. According to the Daily Mail, one wealthy homeowner in Hyde Park is even reportedly selling their parking space for an eye-watering £300,000.

Manchester came second in the list of the biggest earning cities, just ahead of Edinburgh, while Nottingham and Brighton rounded out the top five.

Though councils are increasingly trying to clamp down on residents who rent out their driveways without first informing the authorities, communities secretary Eric Pickles recently declared that he is a supporter of such schemes, and encouraged councils to welcome this 'common sense' approach to solving two problems in one fell swoop - the homeowner's need for an earnings boost, and the commuter's parking requirements.

And there are currently more than 20,000 parking spaces registered on, which advertises spare driveways, spaces and garages.

Charles Cridland, the founder of the website, said: "Renting a driveway, garage or secure parking space is an easy, simple and potentially lucrative way for homeowners to earn some extra income.

"If your home is near to local amenities such as a train station or sporting venue, it certainly boosts the earning potential of a parking space, but as our analysis shows, it is possible to earn a significant amount in all parts of the UK."

Mr Cridland added: "A number of English councils have recently revealed the vast surpluses they are making from parking charges. By registering your driveway or garage on, homeowners have the opportunity to take a slice of this money."

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