Women admit they 'never wear' 75 per cent of their shoes

Thousands of women across the country would admit to having a penchant for a new pair of shoes, but it seems those luscious Louboutins or chic Jimmy Choos aren't always worth having.

women only wear 25 per cent of their shoe collection

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According to a new survey of more than 2,000 women aged 18 or over, despite having an average of 20 pairs in the wardrobe, only five get regular wear. And nine out of ten ladies confess to keeping at least one pair in the closet without ever opening the box.

The reason for this shameful shoe neglect? Discomfort came top of the list, with almost two thirds saying they had bought shoes that were either too tight, or had impractically high heels.

More than 50 per cent admitted they had impulsively bought a pair of funky soles that were later impossible to match to anything else in their wardrobe, while four in ten had forked out for an expensive pair, but were too worried about possible damage to wear them out of the house.

One in three pairs were relegated to the back of the closet as unwanted gifts.

In total, the women polled were found to have spent an average of £490 on their shoe collections, but only 25 per cent of pairs were worn.

George Charles from VoucherCodesPro.co.uk, which conducted the survey, said: "While it is widely known that British women take pleasure in shopping, there still seems to be the age-old nuisance of finding an outfit and the right pair of shoes to wear."

He added: "It is important to be smart with purchasing choices including taking advantage of the best deals on the top brands when they emerge. This way, women can feel good with the discount they receive and have more confidence to express their own unique style."

Are you a shoe shoppaholic? How many pairs do you own that never see the light of day? Leave your comments below...