City-living mums 'more likely to develop postnatal depression'

New mums who live in urban areas are more likely to develop postnatal depression than their countryside-dwelling counterparts, new research suggests.

Women in cities more likely to develop postnatal depression

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According to researchers at the Women's College Hospital in Toronto, Canada, mothers who live in large cities are three per cent more likely to suffer with depression in the five to 14 months after the birth of their baby.

Having reviewed the results of a Statistic Canada national survey on the health of more than 6,000 mums, the researchers found that nine per cent of women living in cities developed postnatal depression, compared to six per cent of those in rural locations.

They suggested higher levels of stress and a lack of community support in cities may be to blame.

According to the Daily Mail, Dr Simone Vigod, from the Women's College Hospital, said: "Living in an urban area is a marker of more stress, less support and a potentially higher risk of postpartum depression for women.

"Our study suggests we need to better target our supports and services towards women based on their geographic location to improve their outcomes and reduce their risk of postpartum depression."

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