Why Sunday lunch is a recipe for disaster

It might be a great British tradition, but it seems Sunday lunch is a recipe for disaster for many cooks. Researchers have identified the Sunday roast as the most perilous of all meals, with dangers lurking at every turn.

Roast dinners the most perilous to prepare

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According to a survey by insurance experts Zurich, burns, scalds and knife wounds are common Sunday cookery injuries, and all that peeling, chopping and boiling water is a risky business.

Next best in the cooking danger zone is chicken tikka masala - once again, due to the volume of chopping and peeling involved - while even a full English breakfast is fraught with danger, sausage, bacon and eggs making it into third place with their ominously spitting fat.

Two more of the nation's favourite dishes, fish and chips, and bangers and mash, also turned out to be risky, bagging fourth and fifth on the list respectively.

And some believe modern kitchen technology must take some of the blame for our cookery injuries.

Phil Ost, from Zurich, told the Daily Express: "The modern kitchen is a feast of gadgets and gizmos which can easily be a recipe for disaster."

If you want to stay safe in the kitchen then, experts suggest beans on toast or boiled egg with soldiers for an injury-free meal.

Are you an injury-prone cook? Do you blame modern technology or user error? Leave your comments below...