The rise of TV tourism: A fifth of Brits choose screen-inspired holidays

For some it's the lure of sun, sea and sand. For others, the promise of some of the world's magnificent natural or man-made wonders. But for an increasing number of British holidaymakers, it is the site of a favourite movie or TV show that inspires their choice of destination.TV tourism on the rise

Pic: Corbis

According to a survey by the Post Office, a fifth of Brits now admit to being 'TV tourists', choosing a filming location as their getaway destination.

Some 19 per cent of us have already travelled to a film or TV location for our hols, while a further 20 per cent intend to do so in the next five years.

The Daily Mail reports that US comedy hits Seinfeld and Sex And The City inspired the most TV tourists, with 39 per cent saying they would like to visit the Big Apple in order to see the sights and sounds from the hit shows.

Second on the list was Hawaii, scene of Baywatch, Charlie's Angels and, of course, Hawaii Five-O, while Los Angeles - home to Hollywood blockbusters old and new - came third with 22 per cent of the vote.

In fourth place was Rome, with a romantic 21 per cent inspired by movie classics like La Dolce Vita and Roman Holiday.

Also featuring in the list of top silver screen destinations were New Zealand, where the Lord of the Rings trilogy was filmed, and the Greek islands that famously appeared in the movie adaptation of Mamma Mia.

The poll of 2,000 adults also identified several new types of travellers, including those who are embracing back-to-basics camping, health trippers, and 'senior city-zens', retired tourists that are taking advantage of their free time to visit the world's greatest cities.

Have you ever taken a screen-inspired holiday? Are you thinking of doing so in the near future? Leave your comments below...