Could 'virtual slimming' be the key to weight loss?

Struggling to fight the flab or curb those cravings? The key to losing those excess pounds could lie with a virtual you, according to scientists.

Virtual slimming could aid weight loss

Pic: Getty

Researchers at George Washington University in the US have discovered that watching videos of a healthy-eating, exercising avatar that looks like you could help you to shed weight.

The research team, who studied 128 overweight women, suggest that it works by enabling slimmers to visualise themselves getting fitter, choosing healthy meals and watching their portion sizes, thereby inspiring them to do the same.

And this latest study backs up previous research that found those who watch a lifelike avatar exercising were more likely to take up the healthy habit themselves.

The female participants who took part in the study lost an average of 3.5lbs over the course of four weeks, and though the results were similar to the weight loss a diet would bring, researchers hope the avatar way will enable dieters to adopt the healthy habits as part of their lifestyle, helping them to keep the weight off for good.

According to the Daily Express, Professor Melissa Napolitano, who led the study, said: "This shows that virtual reality could be a promising new tool for building healthier habits."

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