Women spend a year of their lives counting calories

The average woman spends almost a year of their life worrying about weight and counting the calories, according to new research.

Women spend a year worrying about weight

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Between fretting over whether to choose salad over a sandwich, calculating the calories consumed that day, and discussing diets with friends and family, women are typically thinking or talking about diets and weight loss fr approximately 21 minutes a day, more than two hours every week.

And over the course of the average lifetime of 67 years, that amounts to 355 days.

Perhaps more surprising is that men aren't far behind. According to the survey, commissioned by SodaStream, the average British chap spends 18 minutes a day obsessing about slimming and keeping trim, a total of 304 days over the course of a lifetime.

It's little wonder then that more than 50 per cent of us claim to be unhappy with our weight, and change our eating habits according to calorie content.

Staying slim for the other half was the most common reason for watching our weight, with over a third of respondents wanting to shed a few pounds to keep their partner happy.

A further one in ten were determined to stay as slim as their friends, while one in fourteen confessed they kept their weight in check in order to look good in front of work colleagues.

The poll also found that Brits are increasingly turning to technology as a dieting aid, with a fifth saying they used a smartphone app to help with the calorie counting, and one in ten using a specialist website to monitor their eating habits.

Fiona Hope from SodaSteam told the Daily Mail: "Counting calories is a part of modern day life and our research shows Brits are obsessed with watching their weight. It's important to offer people choice as part of a well-balanced diet."

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