Is copper the cause of your bad hair days?

The average British woman is quite willing to spend their hard-earned cash on beauty products of all descriptions in order to combat troublesome areas. But if you're having a bad hair day, it could be your water that's at the root of the problem.

Copper in water causes bad hair days

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According to new research, copper found in pipes and hot water tanks could accelerate hair damage, no matter how hard our beauty products work.

Via analysis of the hair of 450 women from around the world, the study, by Procter & Gamble, found that the residue from copper lurking within our tap water speeds up damage already caused to our hair, leaving us with split ends and lifeless locks. And the problem is much worse if your hair is dyed.

Dr Jennifer Marsh, who led the study, wrote in the International Journal of Cosmetic Science: "Copper is not present in very large amounts but it is important.

"The copper comes in from tap water and the hair acts like a sponge picking it up over time. Colouring hair can create free radicals that damage protein in the hair and the copper can catalyse that reaction."

Dr Marsh went on: "Hair is less able to stand up to physical processes like brushing, blow drying and washing. It will break down faster, leading to split ends, a lack of shine as well as making it harder to manage."

There is hope for lacklustre locks, however, as the researchers discovered treating the hair with chelants - which are commonly found in washing powder - can neutralise the copper, paving the way for beauty companies to find a shampoo-based cure.

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