Supplements for men

Women are renowned for trying the latest diet, miracle skin cream or energy boosting supplement, and men are increasingly looking for ways to enhance their health and fitness too.

Supplements for men

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From weight loss to stress relief, hair growth to erectile dysfunction, these days there's a supplement to help you out.

Build muscle
Any chaps looking to build up those biceps or slim down to a six pack could gain a serious boost in the form of whey protein.

This rich source of protein does away with the fat and cholesterol of more traditional sources such as meat, and provides high levels of branch chain amino acids (BCAA), which the body needs to replace quickly following exercise.

It also helps to build and repair muscles, and according to a study conducted at the Minnesota Applied Research Center, it could also help you to lose weight by curbing hunger. Best of all, it's widely available at health food shops in the form of a shake.

Stress relief
An increasingly hectic pace of life, both at work and at play, means Brits are suffering more and more with stress. But if cutting your office hours isn't an option, it's worth trying L-Theanine.

This amino acid, which occurs naturally in green tea, has been the subject of a number of studies, and has been shown to increase 'alpha activity' in the brain, giving you a relaxation effect similar to that of meditation. Though you probably won't get a high enough dose from green tea to do the trick, L-Theanine is now available in oral supplement form.

Libido boost
If you're struggling to get an erection but don't know where to turn, Korean Red Ginseng could give you a little lift. Back in 2002, participants with erectile dysfunction were given 900mg of Korean red ginseng three times a day, and 60 per cent reported improved erections as well as improved desire.

Skin care
The rise of the metrosexual has seen more and more men looking to take extra care of their skin, but if you're plagued with more serious issues than the odd pimple, zinc gluconate could help clear things up. Zinc is important for wound healing, protein synthesis and support of immune function, and it is well-known for helping to promote healthy skin.

Available in supplements, studies have shown that zinc gluconate may help to heal acne lesions as well as prevent scarring and recurrence of the condition. As an added bonus, it may help to suppress dandruff and you will often find zinc compounds listed in the ingredients of flaky scalp shampoos. However, too much zinc could lead to a number of unpleasant side effects, so be sure to stay within the recommended daily dose of 40mg, or consult your doctor first.

Healthy hair
If you're going a little thin on top and don't fancy the hair plug route taken by the likes of Wayne Rooney, invest in a shampoo that lists biotin as an ingredient. Part of the vitamin B group, this helpful little substance strengthens hair, reducing the risk of it falling out, and according to the University of Maryland Medical Center, has even been effective in helping to treat alopecia. Search the shelves for a thickening shampoo that contains biotin to give your barnet a boost.

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