Sunday stress: Day of rest becomes busiest time of the week

It used to be a day of rest but Sunday, it seems, is more a day of stress. According to a new poll, two thirds of Britons say Sunday is now their busiest day of the week.

Sunday now the busiest day of the week

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The survey of 2,000 adults, by TV channel Really, found that the majority of Brits spend their stressed out Sundays doing chores, worrying about work, and rowing at family get-togethers.

Some 51 per cent admitted that Sunday was a day for "getting things done", with householders spending an average of three hours and 36 minutes ironing, washing, grocery shopping and cleaning. And 35 per cent confessed they either nagging or being nagged by their other half to help out with the chores.

Two thirds still take time to see extended family on at least one Sunday a month, often spending two hours preparing and cooking a traditional Sunday lunch for the occasion. But unfortunately that led to at least one argument each time. For one in five, just three hours in the company of their relatives was enough to see tensions mounting.

As if the chores and the family rows weren't enough, one in ten admitted they spend most of their Sunday worrying about the upcoming working week, and 67 per cent said the Sunday blues were guaranteed to kick in during the day.

On what should be a day to take it easy, a third of Brits said they had no time for a lie in on, and 53 per cent were so busy they didn't even get time to read the Sunday papers.

Is Sunday your busiest day of the week, or do you insist on taking time out to relax? Leave your comments below...