Experience tells for twice-married couples

A bitter divorce might be enough to put anyone off walking down the aisle again, but according to a new survey, it's well worth giving marriage another go. A report by the Marriage Foundation has revealed that a second marriage is less likely to end in divorce.

Second marriages less likely to fail

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Using figures from the Office of National Statistics, only 31 per cent of second marriages end in failure, compared to 45 per cent of first-time unions.

The authors of the report suggested that age and experience told for those prepared to tie the knot for a second time, and a willingness to commit and work through problems meant that a second marriage was more likely to stand the test of time.

According to the Daily Mail, Harry Benson, who wrote the report, also suggested another of other factors that could contribute to second-time success.

He wrote: "One possibility is that higher age is a proxy for higher income. Higher income acts as a buffer against some of the everyday difficulties faced by most couples.

"Another possibility is that higher age means there are fewer young children from prior relationships. And fewer second marriages for men are subject to the social and family pressures that lead into some first marriages.

"Hence men tend to do better second time round."

Relate counsellor Paula Hall, meanwhile, pointed out that costly divorce settlements often mean money can actually be tighter in second marriages, but added: "People in second marriages seem to have more insight and self-awareness.

"Having gone through divorce and separation, there can be more motivation to work through problems and save the marriage."

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