Home storage solutions for spring

Spring is finally here and across the land homeowners will be decluttering, cleaning and sprucing up their abodes. No matter how good your intentions though, finding somewhere to keep all those bits and bobs can sometimes seem impossible. Luckily, there's a storage solution to suit every shape, size and style of house these days.

Home storage solutions

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It sounds obvious but shelving can fit in areas that you probably never thought of. The kitchen is a good example - shelving that fits behind the door or alongside your cupboards affords valuable extra space.

If you have a good-sized alcove in the kitchen or dining room, consider a sideboard or fitted cupboards to keep your serving ware out of sight.

Often the smallest functional room in the house, in many cases the bathroom is lacking when it comes to storage space. There are ways around this however. For example, if you have a recess in the room, shelving can be installed as a space-saving storage solution.

Where space is really tight, it's worth considering storage that's built into the essential fittings such as washbasin and cabinet. IKEA have an excellent range for those who don't want to splash too much cash. Another idea is to invest in storage that fills the dead space under the sink, such as drawer units on wheels or the freestanding units that you can fill with rattan baskets.

Under stairs
If you are lucky enough to enjoy the luxury of under stairs storage, it's time to make the most of the space. Those items that gather dust but that you're loathe to throw out can be properly stored under the stairs if you install some shelving. DIY stores often offer flat pack, free-standing shelving units to a range of heights that could maximise the space.

If your wardrobe is already bulging think about re-organising the available space. Hooks on the inside of the wardrobe doors allow you to hang ties, belts, scarves and such but if you are desperate to create more room, try putting away those summer clothes until warmer weather returns. Spacebags are a fabulous way to minimise the clothes you don't need - by placing your winter wardrobe into the bags and using your vacuum cleaner, you'll free up valuable space for summer gear.

For all your clean linen and bulky spare pillows, why not choose a stylish vintage trunk or blanket box that can hide it all away while doubling as a seat or footstool. Alternatively, if you're in the market for a new bed, choose a divan with storage or drawers underneath, where you can put away linen you're not using.

In the kids' rooms, think about adding flexible storage such as pockets for behind the door or to hang on baby's cot or drawer units on wheels. And if your little ones rarely pick up after themselves, put the fun into tidying with Lego brick storage boxes (available from Store).

Living room
While the smaller rooms in the home require ingenious space-saving methods, the living room is where you can make a style statement with storage. From elegant vintage cabinets and retro nest tables, to sleek, minimalistic sideboards or bespoke, wall-hung cupboards that create a focal point in the space, what you choose really depends on your personal style preference.

If you'd rather keep your storage solution simple, invest in some open, pigeon-hole shelving units, that can double as a place to keep books and ornaments, and as a divider to separate sections of the room.

There are many areas in the house which are often unused - so get creative and consider how you can use those corners, nooks and crannies to de-clutter your home.