Men spend more on pre-date prep than women


The average woman is well used to a spot of pampering, primping and preening before a hot date, but it seems men have taken are storming ahead when it comes to pre-date preparation.

Men spend nearly £50 on pre-date beauty treatments
Men spend nearly £50 on pre-date beauty treatments

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According to a new survey, British males now spend more on beautifying themselves before a date than their female counterparts.

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The poll of 2,000 adults, by, revealed that the average chap forks out £46.79 of their hard-earned cash on beauty treatments that include haircuts, waxing and facials... but only if they think the date will end in the bedroom.

By comparison, women spend an average of £41.79 on pre-date prep including hair removal, new bed linen and sexy lingerie.

Some 55 per cent of the respondents felt splashing the cash was a sound investment, as it instilled confidence ahead of that first night of passion, but 23 per cent suggested the pressure to look good naked was the reason.

Where men are concerned, it seems new underwear, tidy pubic hair and new bed linen were top of the list of pre-passion prep. Four per cent were prepared to undergo a back wax, while three per cent braved a Colombian, removing all their pubic hair, despite the fact that 45 per cent of the ladies said they preferred a man to be "ungroomed and very hairy" down below. A further three per cent opted for a more relaxing choice, indulging in a facial.

For women, waxing was unsurprisingly a more common pre-date activity, with legs, bikini lines or Brazilian/Hollywood waxing getting the full works.

Both sexes cited dirty sheets as a particular turn-off when it came to that first night under the covers.
Dr Pam Spurr, relationship expert at, said: "It's fascinating that men are spending more on pre-date preparation than women, but I do hear from many men that they feel the pressure to impress their dates.

"It might also seem surprising in times of recession that the average Brit bloke spends nearly £50 simply getting ready for a 'hot date', with women not too far behind. But there is enormous competition out there and so psychologically it makes a singleton feel ready to put their best foot forward."

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