Apple 'planning fingerprint recognition' for next gen iPhone?

With online banking, secure payments, store accounts and gadgets, the average modern Brit is tasked with remembering countless passwords, but smartphone manufacturers could soon ensure that there is at least one less thing to log in the memory.

New iPhone could include fingerprint recognition

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According to reports, tech giant Apple is preparing to use fingerprint recognition for its next generation of iPhones, abolishing the need for password protection.

The Daily Mail reports that Apple has already bought a company specialising in fingerprint identification technology, and has submitted a patent for a biometric sensor.

Michael Barratt, head of security at PayPal, told the paper: "It's a case of looking beyond passwords and the best alternatives are provided by smartphones.

"The general view is that Apple will launch a fingerprint-enabled iPhone before the end of the year."

Apple's iPhone 5S is expected to be on sale this summer, with the iPhone 6 could be available late in 2013.

But they are far from leading the charge when it comes to password-free identification.

The Samsung Galaxy S III already boasts facial recognition capabilities, while a number of smartphones include voice recognition software.

And Google is reportedly looking into further ID methods, including iris scanners, behavioural biometrics and heartbeat reading.

While Apple has declined to comment on the rumours, Mr Barratt claims that tech firms are entering a new "experimentation phase", and that means passwords could soon be a thing of the past.

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