Amazon launches low-cost iPad rival

Internet shopping giant Amazon has launched a low-cost Kindle tablet that could rival the iPad. The new, bigger Kindle Fire HD boasts an 8.9 inch screen, pitting it against the 9.7inch Apple tablet.

Amazon's Kindle Fire HD launches in the UK

Pic: Getty

Having been launched in the US last year, the latest weapon in Amazon's arsenal is now available in Europe and Japan, and includes stereo speakers as well as the larger screen.

It can also be plugged directly into an HDTV to allow movie buffs to enjoy their film downloads on a big screen. Users will be able to take advantage of Amazon's own film, music and app stores, where 50,000 applications are currently available.

Best of all, it'll cost just £229, making it a tempting alternative to Apple's pricier products.

Industry experts claim Amazon is so keen to get their new device into the hands of as many consumers as possible, that is willing to make just tiny profits on the sale of the low-cost tablet.

But Dave Limp, president of Amazon's Kindle business, said increased production cut costs with "greater economies of scale".

According to the Daily Mail, he explained: "Whenever we are able to create cost efficiencies like this, we want to pass the savings along to our customers."

The launch of the new and improved Kindle in Europe could further dent Apple's market share after was revealed earlier this week that sales of the iPad had fallen behind those of Android tablets for the first time since 2010.

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